Good to know when traveling in Israel

 Important words to know:

Hello, good-bye


Good morning

Boker  tov

Good evening

Erev    tov

What’s up?

Ma nishma?





Thank you


Excuse me / I’m sorry


Please / You are welcome


Fine, OK


Good /Not good

Tov / Lo tov

Tour Guide




Business hours -General business hours extend from 9am to 6pm, Sunday through Thursday. Shopping centers  are usually open until 9pm.

Public transportation – Sunday to Thursday usually from 6am to midnight, Friday from 6am till 1 hour before Sundown and Saturday from 1 hour after sundown till midnight.

At some cities you can find public taxies (called “sherut”, up to 10 passengers) on Friday and Saturday as well, ask around for information.

If you take a taxi – make sure to either ask for the price before entering or ask for the “mone” = meter.

Rain or shine – put sunscreen at all times, Israel is a hot country and the radiation is strong even in the winter.

Security check – usually at transportation stations and shopping malls you will be asked to open your bag for security check – it is a very short check for your o safety

Asking for help – it is easy to find people who speak English & Russian most  of them will be pleased to assist you when asked.

WiFi – In the big cities it is easy to find many places with free WiFi; you will probably need to get a code. Most of the  hotels have the service.

Emergency numbers – you can call our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one of our staff will get back to you after leaving a message after office hours.

Police – 100

Magen David Adom (first aid emergency) – 101

Fire department – 102

Enjoy your stay and we hope to see you again with us soon!

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