HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel

HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel

During the period in with the Ottoman Empire reigned, Emir Fa’ur had power of the Hula Valley and this hotel is located amongst the relics of Emir’s palace. The hotel is situated in the heart of the canyon, overlooking the Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights. The hotel’s design, an exclusive blend of antique and avant-garde, along with its rural scenery, breathtaking vistas and pollution-free air, are not only idea for those searching for peace and quiet but also for the more adventurous.

The HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel has 161 accommodations, including 6 specifically designed for guests with disabilities. Each room includes a TV (‘Yes’ programming; no additional fee), bathtub, coffee-machine, phone, air conditioning and snack-bar. Each room is a double and can hold an additional child’s bed. Some rooms can hold two additional beds for children.
54 Superior suites
3 Garden rooms
100 luxury suites and 4 rooms with hot-tubs are situated in ‘Lebanon House’. The aforementioned suites have a terrace with a magnificent scenic view and a Wi-Fi connection (no additional fee required). Smoking is prohibited in the ‘Lebanon House’ and ‘Koren House’.

Pastoral landscapes surround Hagoshrim Sports Club:
Health and Gym facilities: 2 pools (1 indoor operative all year and 1 outdoor operative throughout the summer), basketball court, steam-room, hot-tub, tennis court, fitness-room and football field.

Various fitness classes including: aerobics, yoga, spinning, belly-dancing, body-toning etc.
The health center provides stimulating luxurious services.

In a wooden cabin, on the brink of Koren Spring you willll find Gosh restaurant. Right here, surrounded by nature, you’ll hear the melodious chirping of birds and enjoy the sweet smell of the bubbling brooks.
Sit inside the wooden cabin or enjoy your meal in a more pastoral surrounding.
The scenery is spectacular and the food is divine!
A variety of dishes, designed to accommodate every diner’s taste buds.
Exclusive dishes for larger parties.
10% off for hotel guests
Gosh Restaurant is open 6 days a week, Sunday-Friday from 12 o’clock, and is Kosher and supervised under the Kiryat Shmonah Rabanut.
For more information call: 050-8500849