The David Citadel Hotel-Jerusalem

The David Citadel Hotel Jerusalem

The David Citadel is one of the leading and most extravagant hotels, not only in Jerusalem but in all of Israel. When viewed from a suite in the David Citadel, the panoramic images of the peaks, crests and crowns of the Old City, unfold into a lavish work of art.

Situated on King David St. in Western Jerusalem, this hotel is right across from the ancient “David Citadel and Tower” and the world renowned Old City walls.
384 luxuriously decorated suites fully equipped with the best that technology has to offer, gourmet meals and a variety of lavish comforts, fit for the most distinguished of guests, make The David Citadel the top hotel in Jerusalem!
The vast Alcove Luxury room is comprised of a bedroom, a terrace with a panoramic view of the Old City and a living room area.
The lavish Luxury room is comprised of an adjoined bedroom and sitting room with comfortable furnishings and a balcony with an enchanting view of the Old City and its surroundings.
The Alcove Elite and Elite room are comprised of vast windows, with breathtaking views of the newer part of Jerusalem, and a grand living room. The Alcove Elite rooms are extremely vast and perfect for couples with children.
A number of lavishly designed grand suites are scattered around the David Citadel Hotel. The suites are comprised of an adjoining sitting room and bedroom and include a balcony with an enchanting view of the Old City. Select rooms come equipped with a secluded office.
Conference Area:
The conference area is ideal for vocational and recreational purposes. The warm and comfortable atmosphere that this area provides is optimal for business meetings or for simply lounging around and relaxing. The conference area is located on the 10th floor and overlooks the breathtaking Old City. Access to the conference area is limited to guest in suites*. In addition to the conference area, guests staying in suites will receive additional perks, free of charge.
*Excluding the mini-suite.
*Guests must be 16 years of age or older to enter the conference area.

Additional Facilities:
>Kiddy pool
>Pool (operative throughout the year)
>Executive Room and floors
>Cybex Health Resort
>Business area
>Meeting rooms and Auditorium
>Shopping center inside the hotel
>Shul (operative during Shabbat and Holidays)
>Fire safety equipment: fire detectors, alarms and sprinkler system
>Security services
>Adjoined parking area, holds up to 170 vehicles
>Child Care facilities
>Attendant services
>Medical Care facilities